A dance macabre based on Shakespeare's famous tragedy enhanced with bard and signing. More info.


" The witches are wonderful, their sinuous moves, and their scuttling about up on points, are suitably eerie....The choreography throughout the piece is excellent; the murders are murderous; the balletic fight scenes work; the ensemble work is tight and visually stunning." - Theatre Bath


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SWDT tap dance intro course

Whether it's the Nicholas Brothers, Fred and Ginger or Happy Feet - who hasn't ever wished they could tap? We're offering you the chance to pick up a few moves, or brush up on your old ones. More info

SWDT hosts dance tent at Redfest 2017 Aug 5th,6th

Redfest is back reformatted and reimagined and we're looking for the best dance talent in the South West to ghet involved. Whatever the genre if you are a talented trained dance artist(s) keen to share your infectious energy, or rarified grace through a workshop, demo or performance we would love to hear from you. Get in touch


SWDT celebrates Shakespeare's 400th

Tickets now on sale for Lady MacBeth at the Mission Theatre for the Bath Fringe Festival Sunday 5th June.

Booking also available for Lady MacBeth at the Bristol Shakespeare Festival Sunday 3rd July. Full details


*Free* youth workshop in Shakespeare, Dance with BSL

In association with our production Lady MacBeth for young people aged 11-19 to get more out of Shakespeare, dance and theatre using sign language, and in particular our production itself. The workshop takes place at the Pickle Factory, Bristol BS5 

More details


Dance tent at Redfest 2016

Plans are underway for a dance tent at Redfest this year and we're curating it. If you would like to see your group/act featured at the festival in St George's Park this August, email us here


Private bookings: Want to add some SWDT je ne sais quoi to your events this year? Contact us for details.


Company news:


This year Redfest has its first ever dance tent and South West Dance Theatre are hosting. Get a program for full line up and times ge


Lady MacBeth - read the Bristol Shakespeare Festival Blog


Review out for the Bath performance of Lady MacBeth: "visually stunning". Book for the Bristol performance on our what's on page


Thanks to IOP Publishing for sponsorship towards consultation with deaf men dancing for our production of Lady MacBeth.


The UKCPO is now sponsor for SWDT's event 'Light-from Big Bang to VJs', allowing us to make the event free for under 16s. In addition IOP Publishing are sponsoring a limnited number of free tickets for under 25s to attend free of charge as well. A huge thanks to our sponsors!


SWDT were onsite with derwoodphotography and Roger Barnes - pics coming soon!



Renee is back whoop whoop! Catch her in action in Fall from Grace October 10th


We've waved a sad goodbye to our beautiful Renee for two long months this summer. Enjoy the US work Renee - we'll be looking forward to hearing all about it when you're back!


A huge thank you to our studio Fitness4Less for increasing their support in kind to us in the run up to the Dance of the Grimm Heroine!


SWDT were at BCFM around 1pm on Thursday talking to Jerry Cowhig on the Jerry Cowhig show


SWDT were at Ujima fm on Friday talking to Mistri about some of the outreach programs this autumn on his show Cruisin'


Whoop whoop for SWDT's Rhiannon Taylor who has been confirmed as the choreographer for the Special Olympics.


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