Lockdown dance theatre with SWDT 



On the 1st of August we curated the dance program for the first ever Redfest Digital - the same kind of vibe as the live festival you all love but lockdown socially distanced no-live-events-yet style.


If you missed the live broadcast and workshops or just couldn't get enough - fear not! You can catch the dance program on demand with the links below.











First interview (classes etc):

Second interview

(with performance piece):        


 (live workshop not available)



Interview on classes:
Online Tutorial:
Interview - lockdown project:
Lockdown project showreel     :







Interview on performances:     
Performance piece:
Interview on classes: 


 (live workshop not available)


Interview on classes:              
Interview on fundraising:









Interview with

Laurene Pilastre:                    

Quantum Touch

Interview with

Lucia de Paiva-Kiynch

Death and the Swan








Friday morning ballet – online live and on demand

This replaces the intermediate/advanced classes we’ve holding at the studio. Exercises are based in classical Cecchetti technique (waxing a shade contemporary at times) and set to a playlist of guilty pleasures from pop, classical, world, rock and soul.

Join us on zoom every Friday at 11am to feel strength, grace and joy – link:

QuaranH.I.T. - more fitness training on demand


A quaranH.I.T workout working with dancers for stability, balance and strength, each 10 second break please pause the video and then come back,
And apologies for certain lags in sound,
But get the burn and enjoy!!




If you just want a quick taste of dance theatre before you get back to the grind or other endeavours, you might like to check some of these out (more trailers and festival appearances on our channel)


2020 is our tenth anniversary – this is some snippets from what we got up to when we first formed 10 years ago: https://youtu.be/UBRdH9181Rk - oh those days...


Bristol to Broadway

– snippets from our first narrative production, first touring (first came Bath to Broadway) and our first bookings in full spec theatres:


Dance of the Grimm Heroine

 - we had a hoot with this gory Halloween piece:

https://youtu.be/aQFr02ooWGE - Act I snippets

https://youtu.be/RGAudO4MuRg - Act II snippets


Fall from Grace

– back to a tale of show biz aspirations. Huge thanks to Angus and Diff for the Street art set and flyer image

https://youtu.be/lSuodIkXWMg - Act I snippets

https://youtu.be/spoZ5yS_IA4 - Act II snippets



Light – from Big Bang to VJs

– part of a sci-art “lab and performance” line up to celebrate the 2016 Unesco International Year of Light

https://youtu.be/fFikB0JMRXM - Act I snippets

https://youtu.be/GT_OHBswOAk - Act II snippets

Check out the lab and expo too: https://youtu.be/JnoJpyhrZ6U




In Full



Letters from the Home Front – tech run

Our WW2 commemorative piece seemed to send our audiences on a rollercoaster of tears and tenderness.  We weren’t able to film the any of the performances themselves but thanks to Roger Barnes we have some great footage from the tech run:

https://youtu.be/sjBLjn2rxzw - Act I; https://youtu.be/TuLh3pzUQRg - Act II



photos: courtesy Derwood Photography


Being Romeo and Juliet

In partnership with Breathing Fire we focused on bringing our audiences the tumult of emotions the lead characters experienced. Again no coverage of the live performance and unfortunately we didn’t have Roger help so the video quality’s not the best but if you missed it and your curious here’s a never-before released, warts n all version for sneak peek:

https://youtu.be/Z9yvLU47Ro0 - Act I; https://youtu.be/Z1U1yWxS_-M - Act II


photo: courtesy Derwood Photography


Lady MacBeth – performance

We collaborated with the Trinity’s Edson Burton for script and Visual Thinking’s Sandra Barefoot for the BSL input to produce, as well as additional direction from Ben Nash as dramaturg and Mark Smith from Deaf Men Dancing for tips on choreographing with sign language. Shakespeare’s plays are notoriously enduring but this performance came shortly after the Brexit referendum and proved particularly true to contemporary life. Thanks Matt Seow for the footage.

https://youtu.be/2svjiLxseLM - Act I; https://youtu.be/-liDMpgC_n8 – Act/II