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No set online class fee yet -pay what you think it's worth (or what you can) at  this link


Class on demand prerecordings:


Ballet pre-recording of one of the Friday morning ballet classes with Anna

QuaranH.I.T. - high intensity work out for dancers with Lucia


Live classes:


Ballet classes with South West Dance Theatre

- currently online with zoom, Fridays 11am-12noon (UK time)


  • All you need to join us online is a bit of kitchen or patio space, a phone or laptop, and love to dance!
  • email for details how to join the class online with zoom
  • Pay what it's worth to you through our donate page


Can't make 11am on Friday? See Ballet Ballet class on Demand



Credit: Derwood Photography


Classes are intermediate to advanced level for dancers from all disciplines, for anyone who wants to feel strength, grace and joy throughout the lock down.


We use a mixture of classical, jazz, indie, hip hop, pop and world music for all our classes giving participants a flavour of the training practices that go into our shows.



How to join the live class on Fridays


Classes are held on zoom, which you can access on your phone, laptop, tablet etc


Either email us at, message Anna Demming Davis on facebook or on 07798 783218 and we will send the details you need to join us on zoom. You can also join the whatsapp group to receive the details every week in case you're free to join.




The music 


We think we've resolved our sound issues but just in case you want to hear it at full whammy through your own sound system or headphones!


Playlist on spotify at



No set online class fee yet - pay what you think it's worth at this link

- we'll pull through this!


Class on Demand


While it's nice to join class live with peers the complications of life at home and day to day scheduling can make that difficult (impossible) for some of us. On international Dance Day Wednesday 29th April 2020 we're posting a recording of the Friday morning class for you to follow at a time that suits you -


Go to Class on Demand


email for queries


(Lock down ballet class - preview)



The keen eye will notice this was not filmed in professional conditions and there are some tell-tale signs of lockdown working practices - I'm dancing in a kitchen, there are child interruptions, my ankles don't quite work after my first run in about a decade and I sound like I'm talking through a sock. I have however stitched the music on top so that sounds clear - after all, nothing matters but the music!


No set online class fee yet - pay what you think it's worth at this link



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