Class on demand


While it's nice to join class live with peers the complications of life at home and day to day scheduling can make that difficult (impossible) for some of us. On international Dance Day Wednesday 29th April 2020 we're posting a recording of the Friday morning class for you to follow at a time that suits you


No set online class fees - pay what you want/can at this link


Full class - are you ready! (see note below re frappe music)


The music for frappes may be muted in some countries due to copyright restrictions. The exercise was set to Fame by Naturi Naughton, which is on the spotify playlist below along with all the other exercise tracks:




The keen eye will notice this was not filmed in professional conditions and there are some tell-tale signs of lockdown working practices - I'm dancing in a kitchen, there are child interruptions, my ankles don't quite work after my first run in about a decade and I sound like I'm talking through a sock. I have however stitched the music on top so that sounds clear - after all, nothing matters but the music!



Online class #2



Class taughby

Anna Demming Davis