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South West Dance Theatre in The Dance of the Grimm Heroine

Circomedia, Oct 2013



South West Dance Theatre is a community interest company set up in 2010 to promote dance and dancers and support charities and community organisations in the South West. (More on SWDT Outreach)


We draw on all manifestations of dance to generate high octane, eclectic dance theatre that sings straight to hte heart strings. With an emphasis on narrative in our feature shows and accessibility in all our performances we aim to bring dance to people who may not yet be converted as well as feed the appetites of thoroughbred dance fans. We've wooed crowds at festivals, street art galleries, traditional theatres and all sorts in between. (More on past perfromances.)


We also run regular public classes and series of workshops


Get in touch to find out how you can get involved with SWDT - we'd love to hear from you.




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Where it all began...



It all started one murky January night, when Anna and Laura went for a cheer-me-up post-festive tipple...

- Bristol’s a great city

- It’s a fabulous city, such a melting pot of all sorts of culture, arts and people

- It could do with more dance though...

- Definitely, more dance

- I bet if we set up a new dance company in Bristol, it would be fantastic!

- Better than fantastic, it’d be the best!

- We’d open it up to dancers of all different styles

- And just make fantastic eclectic dance theatre events

- Get all the best dancers in the South West

- We’d call it South West Dance Theatre!

- Let's do it!

- I'll drink to that, Cheers!

- Cheers!

The next morning, through a slightly foggy haze, the odd look was exchanged - Shall we? Let’s do it! - and South West Dance Theatre, the first and greatest dance theatre company of its kind, was born.


A week later we sat down, laid out the logistics and drew up a schedule, and bit by bit things began to fall into place. Auditions were held on March 20th 2010, open to dancers of all backgrounds from ballet to burlesque and breaking to ballroom. We soon had a troupe of deeply committed and talented dance artists on board. There were hiccoughs, with paper work problems and studios cancelling, but with the momentum of our collective enthusiasm, we were finally in a position to create. As Lermentov, the legendary impresario of the Red Shoes once put it we were in a position to make something out of nothing


Lermentov also wisely pointed out that not even the greatest magician in the world can pull a rabbit out of a hat if there isn’t already a rabbit in the hat. Full credit goes to all the fabulously talented, creative and helpful people who have come on board to make South West Dance Theatre the first and greatest dance theatre company of its kind in the world.


To everyone who has helped us along the way so far, from the bottom of hearts, thank-you!


Anna & Laura